Heavy Structure Steel / High Rise Buildings

Heavy Structure Steel / High Rise Buildings

Building a high-rise or any multi-level building demands the use of light-weight yet strong materials. Steel, by virtue of its high strength to weight ratio enables large spans and light weight construction. Steel structures can have a variety of structural forms like braced frames and moment resistant frames suitable to meet the specific requirements of higher buildings. Taller buildings also face higher wind loads, and hence steel being flexible, allows the building to move and deflect with the wind forces, rather than making it rigid like concrete.

Worldwide, use of steel is more preferred material compared to any other construction material including concrete due to its versatile unique features & advantages:
  • Provides greater flexibility.
  • Occupies less space.
  • Less volume to mass ratio.
  • Easy to construct being lighter in weight.
  • Faster construction material compared to all other construction material available worldwide.

A combination of steel structure with concrete is considered as best and fastest construction material worldwide.

India is a growing country where we need very fast development of infrastructure such as housings, roads, railway, airports, ports, hospitals, power plants any many other infrastructure needs which is very necessary for the economic growth of the country.
  • Best suited for construction in various shape & form due to its versatile properties.
  • Occupies less space compared to RCC.
  • Easy to fabricate for any shape & for any application.
  • Cutting, welding, bending, forming, sheering, machining, and all other fabrication method.
  • Excellent ductile properties and high load bearing strength.
  • High strength to volume ratio.
  • Easy to roll and convert into any shape to achieve better modulus properties.
  • Easily available raw material.
  • Reasonable cost in construction.
  • Eco-friendly & 95 % Recyclable.

STADD/STAADPRO, Tekla, ETABS, pro-steel and various other engineering and plant management software used for optimal section for design and manufacturing. Ability to handle large project design, manufacturing & execution wise. Engineered as per IS, IBC and other international codes & guidelines.


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